*Please Note*

We do not replicate other designers' work.  Allow your designer to design an original bespoke gown handcrafted for you! 



Step 1: *IMPORTANT* Please read ALL custom order procedures information further below prior to sending all inquiries.

Please send the following with all inquiries:

-Event date

-Brief desired design details

-3 Inspiration pictures (optional)

-Have a realistic budget in mind for your bespoke design (our designs are  handmade, one of a kind pieces, for your body's measurements, not found in any department store, thus making them priceless).

Step 2: Book a consultation date/ time. 

*Please Note*

All consultations will be conducted virtually.  In-person consultations are available upon request.  A tape measure is needed during virtual consultations. 

Pay your $75 consultation fee at the time of booking: 

Cash or Zelle Only: 478.461.0606

**Please Note** 

For bespoke designs: The consultation fee is nonrefundable and is separate from your balance. 

For original/exclusive ready to wear designs: Consultations are not required unless requesting minor changes/ measurements. 

Step 3: All final design details and measurements will be discussed and taken during the consultation. 

*NOTE* Any design changes/requests AFTER the initial consultation will result in a second consultation needed, unless if changes are presented from the designer.

Additionally, any material/ trim requests and/or additions made after the finalized design from the client may incur an additional charge. 

Full payment and/or deposit of your final design is due at the time of the consultation. 

*NOTE* Production begins once payment is received. 



All of our custom orders are made to order and are one of a kind which makes our custom orders very special and unique.  We DO NOT duplicate other designers work!  Purple Orchids Collections takes pride in offering the finest selections of fabrics and materials for our customers to choose from.  Factors such as size, availability, fabric, trim, and etc. all play an important role in the pricing process; therefore, additional costs may apply.  Our custom order pricing is as follows:  


Kids Bespoke Orders:

$185+ (Kids Special Occasion)

$375+ (Kids Pageant)


Special Occasion Bespoke Orders: 

$275+ (Basic designs/fabrics)

$375+ (Birthday/Special Occasion w/o rhinestone appliques)

$350+ (Prom Alterations/Additions/ex. Trains, Bodice Appliques, etc.)

$450+ (Rhinestone Bodice Mini Dresses w/o custom corset)

$850+ (Prom/ Prom Styles/Pageant/Exotic Fabrics/Trims/Appliques/Hand placed detailing w/o corset/Rhinestone Bodice Applique)

$1200+ (Rhinestone Full Body Bodice Applique/Sequin Dresses, Feather Train Gowns, Corsets w/ Rhinestone Bodice Dresses & Gowns)


Bespoke Bridal Orders:

$2500+ Bridal Gowns/Jumpsuits (custom corsets/ boning included based on design needs) 

$3000+ Heavily Beaded Rhinestone Gowns (custom corsets/ boning included based on design needs) 

$100+ Bridal Accessories...i.e. Custom Veils


Starting prices only... final pricing will vary.

We DO NOT duplicate other designers' work.  The goal is for you to stand out in your Purple Orchids Collections original.  You will be the ONLY one with it!




The Purple Orchids Collections brand prides itself in offering the highest quality merchandise to meet the needs of our clients. We thoroughly inspect ALL items before shipping. ALL sales are final; ALL items are made to order with your specific measurements in mind, therefore, we DO NOT issue refunds on any items.

We do NOT offer exchanges for incorrect measurements provided from client. We do require professional measurements from our clients to better assist customers with individual sizing.  When ordering anything custom, please be advised that in some cases minor alterations should be expected, in which case this has to be done locally.

If you have a problem with an item due to an error on our part, please contact us and we will assist you.



To secure your place and the start of production, the entire quote amount based on the standard set pricing listed above is REQUIRED (NO EXCEPTIONS) at the time of your consultation (additional charges will vary based on the final design from the consultation) The design process begins after payment is made:

Once your payment is made, your spot is secured and your materials are ordered soon after; therefore, all payments are non refundable.  If you fail to make your initial payment prior to "Rush Order" status (See below...45 days or less before your event), a rush order fee will be applied to your invoice **NO EXCEPTIONS**

**Please note** All orders $850 and below are due at the time of the consultation.  The remaining amount due will need to be paid prior to the first fitting.  **NO EXCEPTIONS**

We accept the following forms of payment: Cash (preferred), or Zelle

*Please Note*

We do not accept checks.



*Needed in 45 days or less*

ALL rush orders will be assessed a fee STARTING at:

$99 Everyday (pricing varies depending upon complexity) 

$150 Special Occasion (prom/bridal; pricing varies depending upon complexity) 

Fees may vary depending upon complexity and occasion.

Rush orders are any custom requests requiring 45 days or less notice.




All consultations are conducted virtually via Zoom (45 minutes).  In-person consultations are available upon request.  The consultation process is as follows: 

1.  Book a non-refundable $75 consultation online by selecting a time and date below towards the bottom of this page. Full design details will not be discussed prior to your consultation (NO EXCEPTIONS).  However,  you may send inspiration photos and/or desired concepts for initial inquiries.  

We accept the following forms of payment:

Cash or Zelle Only: 478.461.0606

**Please Note** The consultation fee is nonrefundable, and is separate from your balance. 

2. Your consultation will include your final design details such as inspiration pictures, measurements, completion date, event/school, and deposit quote payment (as stated above).

**NOTE** Completion dates are subject to change based on priority/availability. 

**Please note** If the price we quote you is not within your budget then let us know . We can make minor adjustments (i.e. fabric, complexity, etc.) to make it fit your budget.  However, all custom gowns start at $850.  Fabric is included.

ONLY parents/guardians are allowed during consultations with the attendee (3 person minimum, including the attendee, NO EXCEPTIONS).  Your non-refundable $75 booking fee is due at the time of booking prior to your consultation. 

We accept the following forms of payment:

Cash or Zelle Only: 478.461.0606

3. Your final consultation (if needed based on design detail changes) will be a complete and final review of your initial consultation.  Any additions/changes to your custom order design will result in additional charges per your request(s), and will need to be paid prior to production (NO EXCEPTIONS).  

Your quoted standard design payment amount listed above will be due at the time of your final consultation (NO EXCEPTIONS). 

We accept the following forms payment:

Cash or Zelle Only: 478.461.0606

We do not accept checks!

**Please Note** The consultation fee is non-refundable and is separate from your balance on Pageant, Prom and Bridal designs. 

For exclusive designs: Consultations are not required unless requesting minor changes/ measurements. 


1. Full payment will need to be made prior to the first fitting (NO EXCEPTIONS).

2. All clients will have 2 fittings (if a second fitting is needed). 

**ALL bulk orders (i.e. bridal party gowns/dance team costumes) are EXCLUDED from fittings as local alterations will need to be done due to quantity and location**

3. The first fitting date will be issued once the dress is complete, near completion, or as needed.

4. If another fitting is needed, once any alterations that were needed are complete, you will be given a final fitting date to pick up your dress.  Any alterations needed after your final pickup will incur an additional cost based on alterations needed.

5. Materials are not ordered unless the required payment amount is paid, which will delay the production process.



Once your final payment is received, your item will be shipped.  All custom items are made to order. Please allow up to 35-40 business days from the date of purchase for your special occasion custom item(s) to be made and prepared for shipping. If you need an item sooner, please text us at 404.939.7808 to see if this is possible BEFORE placing your order, as all deposits are non-refundable and you may not cancel an order once we have begun the process.  All rush orders will incur an additional charge as other orders are in progress.  If you cancel anytime during the process, you will lose your deposit.

Shipping fee :

$30 for gowns 

$14 for knee length dresses 

$8 for small items 

Priority mail: arrives within 3- 5 business days after shipment ( closed Sundays)

Express: Arrives next day after shipment (Additional cost) 


The processing time for gowns may take anywhere from 6-12 weeks, the exact details can be discussed prior to ordering (timing subject to change due to additional orders and priority). Text 404.939.7808 with concerns. 

Once your item(s) is shipped, you will receive a tracking number to the email that was provided with your order. Should an item get lost in the mail due to an error by the Postal Service, It is not Purple Orchids Collections responsibility to replace it. However, we do include insurance on all items. In the rare event an item is misplaced/lost you will be refunded your total if the tracking info confirms the lost.

Please note: We do not ship orders on Saturday or Sunday.

We look forward to doing business with you soon!



Q: Why are bespoke designs more expensive than of the rack clothing? 

A: Bespoke designs are created with your specific measurements and specifications/ details in mind.  They are one of a kind, original, bespoke creations that no store sells. 


Q: Why does bridal cost more? 

A: Bridal fabrics, trims and other materials typically cost more than regular, everyday wear fabric.